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What We Do?

We are experienced in the following projetcs

Refinished Basement

  • We design an optimal blueprint based on your needs.
  • Addall requested rooms to the design: bedrooms, bathroom, office, laundry room, home theater or closet space.
  • Properly insulate and frame the ceiling and walls
  • Add any lighting and plumbing
  • Add additional doors and windows
  • Sheetrock all surfaces
  • Add new flooring (Tile, carpet, stone, hardwood)
  • Prime and Paint ceiling and walls.

Interior Paint

Our 5-STAR Paint Prep:

  • We remove all electrical outlet covers and tape all non-painted surfaces
  • We then clean, scrape, and re-plaster ALLdamaged surfaces including window trim, doors and molding(we never just apply paint).
  • This process doesn’t increase your cost but it gives an incredibly smooth, professional surface.
  • We apply up to 2 quotes of prime.
  • We apply up to 4 quotes (minimum of 2 quotes) of paint depending on your selected paint color to all your walls and ceiling
  • We then paint all your trim, molding, walls and windows.


  • We can refer you to the best, most affordable wallpaper retailer in the State.
  • We begin by surface sanding, plaster and prepping each wall for smooth results.
  • Measurement and pre-installation calculation to maximize each inch of paper (wallpaper can be expensive and we don’t waste your beautiful paper).
  • Special application used for humid rooms like bathrooms or basement so your paper never loses adhesion

Exterior Paint

Our 5-STAR Paint Prep:

  • We begin with a power of wash of all mold/mildew (including chemical wash if needed)
  • We then clean, scrape, and sand ALL painted surfaces, including all window trims, doors and molding (unless asked not to paint the trims and windows).
  • This process won’t add to your cost but will give your home exterior an incredibly new, clean and professional look for years to come.
  • We remove all outdoor outlet covers, plant boxes, lighting and tape all windows, non-removable fixtures, doors and all ground
  • surface around the painting area
  • We apply up to 2 quotes of prime.
  • We apply up to 2 quotes of paint depending on your selected paint color
  • We then paint all your trim, molding, walls and windows.

Deck Construction

  • Includes removal of old deck,
  • New design ideas
  • New deck foundation
  • Deck installation
  • Surface protection application (if needed)

Bathroom Remodeling

  • Total new design
  • Remove old bathroom
  • Add new plumbing as needed
  • Add electrical as needed
  • Re-frame bathroom
  • Add fixtures: New shower, bathtub, sink, vanity, toilet
  • Add new surfaces: insulation, blue board (bathroom sheetrock), tile, ceiling, floor
  • Paint surfaces as needed

Floor Remodeling

  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Granite
  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate floor

Kitchen Remodel

Assist with new kitchen design & Purchase

  • We assist you with design and with wholesale cabinet and granite purchase (with soft close doors and luxury colors with crown molding).
  • These cabinets and granite are only available to construction professionals at wholesale prices, but we can help you get them at our cost by
  • putting you directly in touch with the manufacturer.
  • Removal of any walls and doors to create new design area ( open look concept)
  • Remove old cabinets, sink, applliances
  • New floor installment (tile, hardwood, stone)
  • New plumbing/electrical as needed (under cabinet lighting, island outlet, recessed lighting
  • Installation of cabinets
  • Installation of Backsplash
  • Final paint and trim

Custom Closet/Bookcase/Library/Wince cellar Installation

  • We design your new space
  • Prep the area
  • Add lighting as needed
  • Install custom made cabinets

New Window/Door Installation

  • Bay Windows
  • Exterior doors
  • New interior doors
  • French glass doors
  • Deck doors